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The forensic meteorologists at Atlantic States Weather, Inc. specialize in forensic analysis and investigation of past weather events for use in insurance disputes, damage claims, depositions and court cases.

Through an exhaustive research of past weather events, we are able to accurately reconstruct environmental conditions for specific dates and times. We thoroughly analyze meteorological and hydrological reports, review satellite and radar imagery, and utilize all available pertinent data in order to prepare a comprehensive report detailing weather conditions and impacts for a specific time, date and location.

If you are an attorney or paralegal, insurance agency, engineering firm, or private individual, and would like to see a sample of our work, please feel free to download our sample report, "Analysis of a Hail Occurrence."

We tailor each report to address the client’s needs, and infuse an unmatched level of detail and professionalism into each case we work on. If you are in need of a consulting meteorologist, or just want to learn more about what forensic meteorologists do (and more importantly, what they can do for you), please fill out our contact form.

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